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Looking for a way to eat healthier and support a local farm? Looking for a creative and memorable birthday, wedding, or housewarming gift? You’re in luck! Our 4-Week Share introduces curious eaters to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) before committing to a full season.

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If you're new to our CSA, or to the idea of a CSA in general, our 4-Week Share is a great way to get familiar with Oxbow’s offerings. We hope you'll be hooked by all the fresh, tasty veggies and the delicious food you'll make. After 4 weeks, you'll be invited to continue your membership at a prorated price for the duration of the season. Should you decide to continue, you’ll receive a $30 discount off the remainder of the season, which will be automatically applied at checkout. With each box, you’ll get familiar with the ins and outs of eating seasonal, local, organic produce. Your share may include seasonal fan favorites like carrots, lettuce, hearty greens, cucumbers, squash, beans, and more, and typically feeds 2-3 people. Each share is your toolkit of key building blocks to support healthy eating. The 4-Week Share will deliver the week following your order on either Wednesdays or Thursdays, and will be delivered for 4 consecutive weeks. If you would like to change your delivery dates, please contact us at farmers@oxbow.org and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for information about pickups, payments, and more. If you'd like help with your order, lettuce know by e-mailing farmers@oxbow.org.

Can I substitute items in my share?
The 4-Week Share is our opportunity to provide you with an assortment of the freshest, tastiest, hand-harvested produce that can be grown in our region. As much as we understand the desire to customize your box, we are unable to make individual substitutions. When planning the shares, we choose what’s best for our members based on crop health and availability. We build your Farmer’s Choice share each week with a diverse assortment of the freshest produce that can be grown in our region. Keeping a steady supply of food flowing from our fields takes a lot of careful planning. Each head of lettuce you pull out of your box began its story many months ago, when we built our crop plan, bought our seeds, and scheduled our sowings to make that very head of lettuce available at just the right time. (As weather allows, of course!) We also offer recipes, storage tips, and information on the veggies in your share so you’ll learn about how to use your produce in creative ways. Odds are, you can find a way to enjoy anything you find in your box. If not, we encourage you to share your food with your community in the true spirit of Community Supported Agriculture. It is a great pleasure and honor to grow your food, and we thank you for trusting our farmers to choose your produce this season.

How do I know what produce will be in my share?
We will tell you in our weekly member e-newsletter, the “Eater’s Digest”, and you can also check your account to see what you’ll be getting each week. Log into your online account and click on the “See what's in my box / View calendar” link in “MY SUBSCRIPTIONS.”

To add a Fruit, Honey, or Mushroom Share to your weekly delivery:
1. Log into your Oxbow Member Dashboard.
2. Select Shop for Add-ons Now.
3. Select “Add to Main Season” and choose what you would like to order.
4. To continue after adding an item to your shopping basket, click on the Continue Shopping button.
5. Once you have chosen your add-ons, proceed to Checkout to complete your order.

Oxbow Farm is Certified Organic and Certified Salmon-Safe.