Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pick up my box?

Most likely somewhere in your neighborhood! Put your zip code into our pick-up location finder and you will see your options.

Our pick up locations include neighborhoods in Seattle and on the Eastside thanks to our generous small-business owners and community partners, like Pagliacci Pizza and a variety of others.  

How will I know which box is mine?

One of the boxes at your pick-up location will have a sticker with your name on it. That’s your box.

When should I pick up my box? What if I miss my pick-up window?

CSA shares are delivered on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the 2017 season. Each of the over 25 sites has a designated day of the week and pick-up window where members must pick up their share. Make sure to note what time your pick-up window begins and what time it ends because we cannot ensure that the box will be there any sooner than the start time and our Community Partners are not required to hold any shares once the pick-up window is closed. Our Community Partners are very generous to give us access to their location and they are not required to hold a box past the close of the pick-up window. If you know ahead of time that you will be running late or remember the next morning, contact or 425-788-1134 and we will reach out to your site to find out if your box is still there. If it is not, know that you have donated your veggies to be enjoyed by others and that they will not go to waste.

**The pick-up time is subject to change before the start of the season.**

What happens to my Share when I go on vacation?

Maybe a neighbor or friend would like to use your delicious, organic veggies while you're gone. You are welcome to let others pick up your box, please just be sure to let them know to take the box labeled with your name.

You can also donate that week's share by logging into your account and clicking on the "Donate" link in MY SUBSCRIPTIONS. If you forget to do this before your box is delivered, you can contact us at or your Community Partner. Your Community Partner will then choose to donate the box to the cause of their choosing or make sure that it is enjoyed by someone in their community. 

We appreciate your understanding and hope you have a great time on your vacation!  

How do I know what produce will be in my box?

We will tell you in the Eater's Digest, our weekly newsletter, and you can check your account to see what you’ll be getting each week. Log into your online account and click on the “See what's in my box / View calendar” link in “MY SUBSCRIPTIONS.”


We provide you with an assortment of the freshest, tastiest, hand-harvested produce that can be grown in our region. As much as we understand the desire to customize your box, we are unable to make individual substitutions. When planning the shares, we choose what’s best for our members based on crop health and availability. Keeping a steady supply of food flowing from our fields takes a lot of careful planning. Each head of lettuce you pull out of your box began its story many months ago, when we built our crop plan, bought our seeds, and scheduled our sowings to make that very head of lettuce available at just the right time. (As weather allows, of course!)

We also offer recipes, storage tips, and information on the veggies in your share so you’ll learn about how to use your produce in creative ways. Odds are, you can find a way to enjoy anything you find in your box. If not, we encourage you to share your food with your community in the true spirit of Community Supported Agriculture.

It is a great pleasure and honor to grow your food, and we thank you for trusting our farmers to choose your produce this season.

Can I change my pick up location throughout the season?

Yes, it’s easy to do this through your online account. In SETTINGS, click “View/Modify subscription” and make whatever change you are hoping for. Please note, changes must be made minimum one week before your requested delivery day. We are sorry, but with all of our moving pieces, we can’t accommodate last-minute requests.

You can always check your delivery schedule through your online account to be sure your box is headed wherever you want to pick it up that week. In MY SUBSCRIPTIONS, click “See what's in my box / View calendar.”

I ordered Add-on Shares. When will I receive them?

Fruit Shares are packed separately and also labeled with your name, so you will need to remember to pick up your weekly Fruit Share too! Fruit Shares are delivered during Weeks 6 - 20 of the season. Mushroom and Honey Shares are delivered during the last week of each month and will be in your box with your veggies. 


We know that paying for all of your produce all at once, before the food you’re buying is even fully in the ground, can make it difficult to join a CSA. While full payment at the beginning of our growing season is really helpful for all of our seed, implement and fertility needs, we welcome you to choose the payment plan that works best for your household. You can pay in full for your share with a check mailed to the farm or with a credit card through your online account OR you can choose to pay in 4 monthly installments.


By signing up as a member of our CSA, you are buying a share in our farm for the season. Please lettuce know if you are unhappy with your share and we will do our very best to address your concerns. In most cases, we are able to work with our members to make their experience a great one and we really appreciate the opportunity to gain feedback and make our program the best it can be.

Because we have committed to growing enough food for the share you purchased, we will review refund requests on a case-by-case basis. In the event that a refund is necessary, we will refund your original method of payment with the dollar amount of deliveries not received.   

The credit card stored in my account was lost, stolen or expired! How do I update this information?

Thanks for being on top of your payment information! Log into your online account and click on the “Update credit card on file” link in “SETTINGS.” 

Privacy Policy

We don't sell, barter, give away or rent your personal information to anyone, ever. Ever, ever, ever!! (So if you find yourself suddenly deluged with spam or other junk mail, it wasn't us – we promise!)

The information you enter when you sign up for our CSA is simply so we can better serve you. We ask for your email so we can email you details about your CSA share and send you our newsletter. We ask for your address so we can track our demographics and in case we ever need to mail you something by snail mail (highly unlikely). Customer accounts are password protected so nobody else will be able to access your account or see any of your personal information.

If you have any questions regarding information privacy and the Oxbow site, please e-mail us at

Wait…WHAT? My question wasn’t answered, or I don’t understand an answer, or my CSAWare account doesn’t seem to be working, or I’m just plain confused and I don’t know what’s going on! Can you help me?

Yes! Don’t worry. Email or call 425-788-1134 at any time and we will get right back to you with assistance.