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Community Supported Agriculture is the backbone of Oxbow's Farm. We are part of a dynamic non-profit organization that promotes responsible land use through restoration and conservation efforts, inspired education programs for kids of all ages, and a commitment to exploring the best practice of growing methods for food production.

Three seasons in one:
In the Early and Late seasons, box contents are your choice. We provide options and you choose from them to meet the minimum order of $25. During the main season, we pack boxes according to what’s freshest during any given week. Each box will contain at least $25 worth of produce.

Joining a CSA gives you the opportunity to partner with a local farm. We invite you to become our partner in 2016. With your investment, we pledge in turn to deliver quality produce, grown responsibly. We are happy to offer our CSA community more choice and flexibility in 2016.

CSA Subscriptions

4-Week Main Season Share 2016 OxBox - Early Season Custom 2016 OxBox - Main Season Share
2016 OxBox - Late Season Custom


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