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One cannot survive on veggies alone! Add a share of organic fruit from Eastern Washington. Starting in July with cherries, followed by apricots, pluots, peaches, nectarines, plums, grapes, apples & pears.

Available from the week of 2017-7-23 and until 2017-11-5

From: Okanogan Producers

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Note: You will receive your weekly Fruit Share during Weeks 6-20 of the season (end of July-beginning of Nov) since fruit is not ready to harvest when the CSA begins. Because of this timing, FRUIT SHARES ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO 4-WEEK SHAREHOLDERS.

We are partnering with OPMA, a collective of small family farms in the Okanogan, bringing the glory of fruit from sunny Eastern Washington to our west side CSA. This co-operative reflects our CSA model of supporting small farms and eating with the seasons.

In the early weeks of the fruit season, plan on mostly cherries (not bad news). As the summer continues and fruit matures, you will receive greater variety of your favorite summer fruits including apricots, pluots, peaches, nectarines, plums, grapes, apples and pears.

Fruit Shares are pro-rated, which is why it shows $18/week when ordering. If you want one Fruit Share for the entire season, select 1 (this is the number of Shares, not weeks). Once ordered, Fruit Shares are a commitment for the rest of the season, so the system will multiply $18 by the number of weeks remaining in the season. If you order before the Fruit Share season begins (orders must be placed by July 18th to receive the entire season of fruit), your Fruit Share will be $270 ($18 x 15). If you decide to order a Fruit Share later in the season, make sure to do so by 11:59PM the Tuesday one week ahead of your first desired delivery day.

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