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Our friend and beekeeper Mat, manages our honey bee population and packs the excess honey into jars for our CSA! Get a 1 lb. jar of local, raw honey the last week of every month from the busy bees in our fields.

Available from the week of 2017-6-25 and until 2017-11-5

From: Mat the Beekeeper

1 lb. Jar $11.00  Qty: Price:
Delivery frequency
: Monthly (4 weeks)

Bees pollinate our fields in order to make delicious honey. Early in the season we'll harvest raspberry, then comes blackberry and wildflower honey. With a little luck we'll also get knotweed honey - which is a special treat! We'll send you the variety that's in season when you order.

Raspberry is a darker, stronger flavored honey that is great in tea and for relieving a sore throat. Blackberry honey is mild and light colored with a smooth taste, great on baked goods.

All varieties have traces of nectar and pollen from the surrounding flora that give them a distinct “wild” flavor. The honey is harvested and bottled “raw” in classic queen-line jars without the use of heat to preserve the naturally occurring vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants.

-Mat the Beekeeper

Depending on if your delivery day is on a Wednesday or Thursday, your honey would be delivered in your box on:

June 28th or 29th
July 26th or 27th
August 30th or 31st
September 27th or 28th
October 25th or 26th

Oxbow Farm is Certified Organic and Certified Salmon-Safe.